Privacy Policy

How we use your personal information 

Our main purpose is to introduce you to how your personal information is processed and used by IT Garage Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Company). The notice explains the principles we follow while processing your personal data and how the law protects you. It covers the data which the Company obtains when having you as a visitor of Company’s website in line with the legislation of Georgia.

Our privacy promise 

We, IT Garage Ltd promise:

  • To keep your data safe and private;
  • Not to use your data unlawfully;
  • In case you request, to provide you with complete and exhaustive information with respect to the processing of your personal information.

Who we are 

IT Garage Ltd is a legal entity incorporated under the Georgian legislation.

Identification number: 405514448

Legal address: Georgia, Tbilisi, Saburtalo district, Merab Aleksidze str., N
12, floor 3, office space N 12

You can find out more about us at –

In case of any concern about your personal data you may contact

How the law protects you 

As well as our Privacy Promise, your privacy is protected by the Law of Georgia on the Protection of Personal Data. Pursuant to the law, you are authorized to request of us the information with regard to the use of your personal data.

The Company shall be obliged to supply this information if requested by you. We are authorized to use the personal data only in case specific contractual and/or relevant legal basis exist. You are entitled at any time to request any changes to you personal data processing, including destruction, blocking, change, update, renew

The Company has a legal basis for using your data, which implies also the existence of business-related and/or labour purpose. It is important that the information processing by the Company does not aim at harming your interests either in this case. The processing of personal data of a minor is allowed only in accordance with the legislation of Georgia and taking into account the best interests of the minor. Find below the list of goals and legal basis against which we process your personal data. We are presenting the goals of using your data and our legal basis in each particular case: What do we use your personal information for  Our legitimate interests:  Our legal basis: 
To manage our labor relationship with you To collect personal data on your name, contacts (phone, email) education, age, maternity status, working experience and income preferences


Your consent;

Conclusion of labor contract with us