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We run an international financial ecosystem for
clients around the globe, once born in a “garage”,
millions of happy clients now.

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What We Do

We provide IT and Fintech services for businesses in these areas:

  • Investing in financial markets
  • Market analysis
  • Education
  • Investing in stocks
  • Social trading

How we work

Being too vibrant to always stay dead serious about
our complex products, we cherish creative freedom and flexibility.

To fit this mindset, we adopted Agile principles through
the LeSS framework, letting us implement innovations quickly
and improve our processes on the go.


We dream big and
encourage it within
our team members

Casual and
friendly environment

We trust each other
and speak up about
work or personal issues

Flat organisational

We consider everyone’s
opinions and express
them openly

Challenging yet
interesting tasks

We always search
for new instruments
and solutions

employee care

We provide benefits
for team members
to help them solve
their daily issues

we are based

Long time out of the garage.
Our team is spread across Europe
and Asia. Recently, we opened
a new cosy office in Tbilisi, Georgia

King David Residence
12 Merab Aleksidze str. 0171 Tbilisi, Georgia

We work on a flexible schedule and have no dress code.
You’ll always find drinks and snacks in the office.

And after work, we play volleyball and board games!

What we
do for fun

  • Creative workshops
  • Movie nights
  • Storytelling nights
  • Volleyball
  • Parties

What else
you get with us


We support your learning
from industry professionals.

and wellness

We cover 50% of your gym subscription, dance classes, psychotherapy.


We help you advance
your English and Georgian.


We provide you with a variety
of meals on a daily basis.

Willing to relocate?
We’ll help

Our relocation package includes:


Airline, train, bus,
and taxi fares for you
and your family members,
including spouse and kids


Hotel or apartment
for the first month

Guidance and
information on

  • apartments and realtors
  • taxes and legal matters
  • car transportation
  • settling down and adaptating.

Help with cultural

Georgian language
classes and advice
on local culture, traditions
and places to visit

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