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Garage Eight is an internation product IT-company building the ecosystems of highly loaded financial products on international markets.


Financial market investment products


Cutting-edge social trading products


Tools for market investment analysis

Developing software for your successful performance on the market

The creation of dependable and scalable software solutions for any operating system, browser, or device. We combine deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to create personalized solutions and products that exactly meet the demands and behaviors of its consumers.

Fintech innovations

We are proud to be among the best companies developing enterprise software for financial technologies with flexible architechture and smooth integration of third-party services.nn

Creating improved and refactored platforms

We have a lot of expertise modernizing whole Fintech platforms. While developing financial platforms, our teams successfully scale solutions and significantly improve data integrity. We also assist fintechs with the implementation of emerging technologies such as blockchain.

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Helping you dominate competitive financial market

We engineer innovative financial software systems that help investment banks, retail banks, insurance companies and wealth managers - businesses from every corner of the financial sector - become more competitive, agile, and flexible.

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Become a leader

We engineer innovative financial software systems that help companies become more competitive, agile, and flexible.

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Why we are what you need

  • Vast Fintech experience

  • Guaranteed security

  • Agility & compliance

  • Microservices proficiency


You will be working with a team of specialists who have an experience with financial technologies


We understand the critical importance of security for the financial industry, and ensure it on every step


As a software company, we adhere to the most efficient development practices: code review, continuous integration etc.


We design unique solutions based on microservices, ensuring fast development, easy maintenance, and smooth integration